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From the Principal

A note from the Principal

Dear parents, guardians, and students,

The National Test season has a few more weeks to go, as well as the final grading period, but we have a long Ascension weekend coming up in addition to Sweden’s National Day, so our teachers are using all of their creativity to keep students on task and inspired to learn. We are all supporting each other and working together to ensure that each IESB student feels equipped and encouraged to make the most of their final weeks of the school term. In short, it is still business as usual here at IESB and our schedule is packed with national tests, term projects, fundraising, as well as all the fun events big and small to celebrate the end of the school year. Below I will detail a few of these that are especially noteworthy.

Now that we have returned from the short Walpurgis break it is full speed ahead. With our big Art show 21-23/5, spring Sports Day 22-24/5, and annual Fashion show 27/5, as well as IES Track and Field day and Band concert on 29/5 before the Ascension Day weekend, graduation will be upon us before we know it. More information regarding the schedule for graduation and associated end of term activities will be shared as we near the end of term.

Among the events we have in front of us, one of the most important is a social cause to which we have contributed for several years. This cause is SOS Barnbyar, and every year our students participate by doing different acts of service in exchange for donations to this very worthwhile charity benefiting an underprivileged children’s village in Sarajevo. The fundraiser takes place between 15/4 and 28/5, and for more information you can read this letter issued by our school. For the direct link to our fundraising site, click this link

Which leads me to our new value topic we will focus on for the remainder of the school year: Equality. In simple terms, equality is about a level playing field where everyone has the same access to the same opportunities. We’ve all heard the saying “If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything”. But that’s simply not true in every case. Speaking generally, poor people aren’t poor because they want to be. And not all wealthy people got what they have through hard work. Sometimes, an idea or attitude is so dominant in a society, it’s practically unconscious. When enough people see something as “just the way it is,” a number of societal systems are impacted. Think of it as a vicious cycle: widespread attitudes about something lead to inequitable systems which, in turn, serve to reinforce the attitudes that created them.

Our students will be learning valuable tools in the coming weeks to challenge these preconceived notions, and hopefully become catalysts for change in their own growing spheres of influence.

Marcus Segerstedt

From the Principal

A message from the Principal

With the second term well under way, we want to thank everyone for your continued support of our students, teachers, and school as we collectively strive to provide optimal opportunities for learning each and every day. Our school theme for the beginning of this term is Solidarity (“Solidaritet”) and students have taken time over the past several weeks to discuss what Solidarity means, how it can be expressed, and how we see it in action in everyday settings. This theme is important to us in the face of an increasingly divided world - what small steps can we take in our everyday lives to bring a sense of solidarity to the people and environment around us?

In addition, I want to also thank our mentors, parents, and students for another successful round of Development Talks. I hope these meetings helped everyone recalibrate as we set our sights toward a strong finish to the 2018/2019 school year. I was unable to join due to an exciting recruitment trip to Canada during which I met many inspiring educators and received very positive feedback about IES. IES strives to always provide our students with the best educational environment and the best teachers from around the world, making these recruitment efforts one of the bedrocks to ensuring this promise.

Turning to our academics and school life, I would like to point out a few important dates.

Wednesday, 6th of February:  A special presentation hosted by the IESB PTA on the impact of media use and screen time on children. More information can be found here: Föreläsning om skärmtid och ungdomar - 6/2

Friday, 8th of February: Winter Sports Day, meaning no formal classes on campus. If you need a schedule reminder, please use the following link: Winter Sports Day Schedule

Week 6: The beginning of spring National Test season. Please refer to the following documents for more information:

Information on National Tests for Students and Parents of Y6

Information on National Tests for Students and Parents of Y9

Week 9: Sports Break, meaning no formal classes on campus all week. Enjoy the time off to recharge and have some fun!

From the Principal

September Newsletter

I wish you all a warm welcome back to a new school term! Although summer lingers, a season of new beginnings has begun here at IESB and I am confident that there are many great memories waiting to be made.

We are now in the third full week of school, and everything on campus is in full swing. In the first week of school, our students participated in team-building activities carefully designed by their new mentors to help the year groups bond in preparation for the coming year. We also held our 4th annual Brommaloppet, 6 kilometers run by students and staff in Judarskogen. It’s always a hit and this year didn’t disappoint.

Looking forward to the fall, our schedule is, of course, filled with homework, classwork, and tests, but it is also packed with all sorts of events aimed to inspire, motivate, and recharge our students so they get the most out of their time with us. A few things to keep in mind when you plan out the month are Startup Talks September 13th-14th and the annual Autumn Fair on September 22nd. More information will be sent out via Schoolsoft and class mentors. You are also still able to order school clothing from Skolgarderoben until September 17th. 

While this is the beginning for some students and the final year for others, it is an altogether great year to be a part of IESB, and I am excited to see what the school year has in store for us. 

From the Principal

June newsletter

Dear students, staff, and parents,

The tests have been taken and your homework is finished: the end of the school year is here! Graduation day is set for Tuesday, the 12th of June. Friends and family are all welcome to attend. 

Graduation Ceremony details:

  • Junior School: 8:45 (Gather in mentor rooms at 8:30)*
  • Senior School: 10:15 (Y9 gather in mentor rooms at 9:30, Y7-8 gather in mentor rooms at 10:00)*
  • Location: IESB campus, rain or shine

*Students are to report back to their mentors in the mentor rooms after the graduation ceremony is finished so they can pick up their grades.

The last instructional day is the 4th of June, followed by Choice Days and concluding on the 11th of June in preparation for Graduation day. More information regarding these days will be sent out by each student’s class mentor/s. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent school year and I look forward to welcoming students in grades 4-8 back next year. 

Have a great summer!

Marcus Segerstedt


From the Principal

May newsletter

Dear students, staff, and parents,

I hope you have enjoyed your long Walpurgis weekend and the official welcoming of spring. As the transition to longer and warmer days begins, the pre-summer jitters might start to set in. The end of the school year is right around the corner, which means National Tests and the conclusion of all those final projects are the only things standing between you and your summer vacation. Try to focus during the coming weeks; before you know it, you will have the end-of-year school activities to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments.

Some end-of-year events to look forward to:

  • Band concert - 1st of June
  • Annual Art Exhibition - weeks 22 and 23
  • Annual Fashion Show - 4th of June
  • Sports days (week 21)
  • Choice days (week 23)

There are so many great events in the works, so enjoy these last few weeks and keep up the good work.  

Marcus Segerstedt

From the Principal

Spring Term 2018

God fortsättning / Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope that you all have had some time to relax and recharge during the holidays and that you are having a great start to the new year.

Spring term has begun at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma and a flurry of work by the school's students and staff is already in process. We have a lot of things to look forward to during the spring term,

  • The annual ski trip to Romme Alpin for year 8.
  • Eurovision Song Contest - featuring our students singing in Spanish, French and German
  • Year 6 Sleepover
  • Different cultural events
  • After school clubs
  • The year 9 PROM and the Graduation

And many other activities that will contribute to the students´s continued social and academic development.


Parents, please:

  1. Respect safe traffic practices. Do not stop your car on the rise at the corner of the school. Hundreds of children cross over the road twice a day. Drop off your child down at the path behind OK gas station at Brommaplan or at the main entrance.
  2. Respect the school year. There are more than 187 days per year where the school is closed. I urge you to utilize these days for holidays and time away rather than requesting days off when school is in session.  Skollagen kap 7, 17§, 18§.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Marcus Segerstedt


From the Principal

Approach of Autumn

Approach of Autumn
As Autumn approaches I hope that you are enjoying the changing colours of nature and all the cosy opportunities that this season provides us with!
We have had a great start to the school year here at IESB as we received an award for the “Best IES School in Total Academic Achievement 2016/2017”, this was shortly followed by the prize of “BEST IES in Sweden for National Tests in Swedish Grade 6” – we are very proud of all our staff and students that worked so hard to make this possible. We really look forward to what we may achieve this year and seeing how our students will develop both academically and socially.
Following this success the PTA followed suit as they held the most successful Autumn Fair ever, not only was the sun shining but they managed to raise a whopping 90,000:-. Thank you for everyone that attended, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
We will soon be holding an MTR presentation for Grade 4, 5 and 6 so that our students are fully educated regarding the transport system here in Stockholm, we hope that this added information will make their commute easier and safer. For those that drop off children by car at IESB we urge you to drive slowly and safely both when you approach and when you leave as there are many students walking around this area in the mornings and it is best to be extra vigilant to avoid any accidents.
Our staff will be attending a Regional Conference at our Headquarters in Täby on the 5 th October where we hope to learn from our sister schools during workshops throughout the day. Just a reminder that there will be no school on the 5 th October, this will be a study day
for students instead.
All our staff and students are currently busy preparing for the Math, Swedish and English Oral National Tests that are quickly approaching and also for PRAO, two challenging yet rewarding projects.
Another rewarding project we have ongoing is our partnership with S.O.S Barnbyar. The entire school is raising money for this amazing charity which supports children and works to ensure that all children are given a safe and loving upbringing. I am sure there are going to
be ample opportunities to donate and we look forward to contributing to such a worthwhile cause.
With the new term came new staff members, all of which seem to be fitting into and enjoying life here at IESB. We would like to make you all aware of our new school nurse in particular, Louise Hellberg, she will be looking after the students in Junior School and we wish her a warm welcome.
So here is to a great Autumn Term and I hope to see you all soon!
Mr. Segerstedt
From the Principal

New year, new tidings

January arrived with snow and cold, with that, also lighter mornings. Not only did we get a feel of the cold, we also got new staff in the building.


Ms. Sofia Kinberg joined us mid January as the new Assistant Principal of Senior School and have started with a busy schedule. Days have been filled with introductions and meetings, from all staff to all the students. Please read the presentation from Ms Sofia Kinberg at the end of the newsletter.


We also have some new teachers, Mr. Lopez, who will be teaching grade 8 English, Ms. Jacobsson who has taken over French for Ms. Vukovic who is now enjoying retirement.

Ms. Baillet is covering for Ms. Furbacken while she is away on maternity leave.


We also got informed we would have The Swedish Schools Inspectorate (Skolinspektionen) at the school sometime in February, but this was then moved to April 27th. The results from the survey have all gone out as well and we thank you for answering the questions so we can make improvements where needed.


The student’s academic status have been discussed during the Development talks and we can go forward with plans for improvement and progress. The talks is a continuation from the start-up talks last term and now we add more information about the development of your child and what is needed to improve in some of them.


9th grade students can now do their first choices for gymnasium, the enrollment is open until the 15th of February and will then open up again in April.


February is closing in rapidly and with that the National Tests. But more about those in the next monthly letter!



Marcus Segerstedt





“Dear parents,

I´m Sofia Kinberg, the new assistant principal at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma for the senior classes, 7-9.

It is with great respect and honour I undertake the responsibility of leading and supporting your children that attend our school.


My previous work experience is from Visit Sweden, a communication company with the mission to increase awareness of Sweden as a destination on international markets.

I have also work experience from another freeschool organisation in Sweden where I was part of the management team focusing on leadership and development tasks. My educational background is a masters degree in school management from Skolledarhögskolan in Stockholm and an economics degree from Stockholms University. I live in Stockholm since 3 years back after a period of living and working in London, UK.


I look forward to meet you and to get to know you and your children and you are welcome to contact me for any queries you might have.



Sofia Kinberg”

From the Principal

December newsletter

December newsletter

The festive period has well and truly arrived! The Christmas decorations are up, the PTA have been serving students and staff with julmust and pepparkakor and we have been enjoying lots of Lucia concerts. Our students performed a beautiful evening concert, two morning recitals and are spending the afternoon today visiting elderly care homes to delight their residents in some lovely traditional Lucia magic. 


With the end of the year quickly approaching, everyone at IES Bromma is busy working hard with the final assessments prior to issuing grades after a very productive term. We have our fingers crossed for great results. In December Skolverket published statistics from the 2016 National Tests and IES year 9 students achieved significantly higher results that the national average. I am very proud to say that IES Bromma achieved the highest results out of all IES schools in Swedish Year 6 and Geography Year 9 – this is a fantastic achievement and we are so proud of everyone involved in this. 


Our grade 8 and 9’s are out of school all this week, maybe experiencing their first days of work during PRAO. We have some really stimulating and interesting placements this year and hopefully it will enrich our students work experience and who knows, maybe even shape their futures! 


We had all of our grade 8 students out with Mr. Smith for a live blogging event last month which was a huge success – you can see for yourself on School Soft. As normal our sports department has been very busy and we are really looking forward to our inter-school sports days with junior inter-school sports day on Friday December 16th (week 50) and the senior inter-school sports day on Monday December 19th (week 51) – good luck to everyone involved!


We have had a rather creative term with Ms. Svensson taking Grade 9 out to Stadsteatern to see their production of Romeo and Juliet, a theatre visit in the school and the music department also had a “tryout” session where students and teachers alike could have a go at many musical instruments we had on loan. It turned out to be rather loud in the Aula that week, but hopefully it inspired some students to take up a new musical instrument! 


This term has seen us renovating the building with new windows being installed. Hopefully when everyone returns in the New Year they will return to a scaffold free school with lots of natural light!


A huge thank you to PTA this term with the Autumn Fair, Project Julklappen, the Literature Prize and our lovely morning Christmas treat! Your ongoing contribution to the school enhances everyone’s positive experience!


We look forward to the choice days next week, it looks like a fun schedule. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas break and enjoy yourselves and we look forward to welcoming our students back on the 11th January for a great first term in 2017!