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June Newsletter

Grades are set. We have worked hard. We have learned more about our world. We have learned more about societal change. We have learned more about cause and effect. And most importantly: We have learned more about ourselves. A year of growth, change, progress, and memories not soon forgotten lie behind us and we turn our sights to what is ahead: Graduation!

Graduation this year is set for the 10th of June. The graduation ceremony for the Junior School is scheduled from 8:30-10:00 and the Senior School is scheduled from 10:30-12:00. The ceremony will be held outside on the school grounds and all friends and family are welcome to attend. Students are to report to their mentors in the mentor rooms after the graduation is finished so they can pick up their grades. We are all looking forward to this momentous occasion with excitement!

We welcomed the beginning of June with an amazing Fashion Show and Art Exhibit, during which many students from all age groups got a chance to display their talent, and let me tell you - We have some great talent at IESB! This show was phenomenal and was a real treat for both students and teachers to enjoy. Here are a couple of great shots from this event: 

The students also recently participated in our yearly Sports Days, and while there was a lot of competition, the team spirit was high! Long jump, relays, intervals, high jump and more - There was plenty of opportunity for students and staff to show off their speed, skill and strength. Great job, students and staff!

In the last few days of school, it is a time for fun, a time to bond, and a time to reflect. I have enjoyed another year as principal of IES Bromma. I am proud for the part I had in building its strong foundation and making it the great school that it is today and am confident that IES Bromma will continue to be a bright and beautiful school.


Ms. Marietta Kindberg, Principal until 30th of June

Students Soar at Eurovision Event

Students Soar at Eurovision Event

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Video of the winner's reprise: Ida Arnö from IES Bromma

As the dust settled on Eurovision in Stockholm and Ukraine started to plan next year’s event, IES students enjoyed their own music contest.

Arriving in Gävle from 15 schools throughout Sweden, students from as far afield as Lund and Sundsvall took to the stage hoping to win this year’s Internationella Engelska Skolan Modern Foreign Languages Eurovision Song Contest.

Students sang in Spanish, German and French, and were judged on their stage presence, musical performance and linguistic ability by an assembled panel of music and language teachers.

For the first year ever one school, IES Täby, entered a song through the medium of the Chinese language.

After the judges' deliberation, it was Ida Arnö from class 9F at IES Bromma who won with the song Je Vole, which she sang in French.

Speaking immediately after her reprise as the winner, she said: “It feels crazy because I never thought that I would actually win and I just feel very happy and surprised.

"The song is from a movie that I saw called La Famille Bélier. In the film Paula sang it and I thought it was a very pretty song and I tried to sing it and it fit my voice well.

"Music is a great way to learn a language, maybe a bit easier than speaking but you still get to practise, especially the pronunciation.

"I think it is really fun to meet people from all around Sweden and make new friends, and really fun to perform.  I think the other schools were great. They were really good. My favorite was the band from Hässleholm."

Supporting her at the contest was Ms Björk, head of modern foreign languages at IES Bromma.

She said: “This is absolutely fantastic and a great inspiration for next year and for all the students who want to participate next year.

"I think this competition has every kind of benefit you can think of, learning the lyrics and something fun for students as well, even if you sing a famous song, I think that is one of the best ways of learning a language."

Second Prize - The team from IES Hässleholm

Second place went to the team from IES Hässleholm, a new school which was competing for the first time this year with the German song Gelles Leben.

James Lu of year 7 was one of those involved, he said: “We became more and more excited as time went by and finally after seven hours on the train and a night at the hotel room, we were up on the stage, sound-checking. After our magical performance we felt really proud because we couldn't have done it better.

"We had listened to the other schools and we knew that they were very good so at the end of the night when we were on stage waiting for the host to tell us the results, we weren't too into it. When he shouted that we came second we all thought; 'well then, we are pretty good after all'. We loved the whole trip and had a lot of fun and cannot wait for next year."

The third prize went to a duo from IES Johanneberg in Gothenburg.

Ellen Hendar of class 9D at the school said: “It was a great experience and everyone was so good and I am so happy to be in third place. Everyone deserves to win."

Bronze for Johanneberg - Ellen Hendar and Anna Johansson

Her bandmate Anna Johansson added: "I feel infinite when I sing, I love it so much it is the best thing, it is my biggest hobby, I am going to music gymnasiet next year."

Ms Hevia, who is head of modern foreign languages at IES Gävle was one of the organisers of this year’s event.

She said: "I think it went really well it has been the highest quality of performances since we started it in Gävle.  Every year it is getting more difficult to win because of the quality, the students, the music, and it has been by far the best this year. Events like this encourage students to learn languages, because they know how good it is to come to this event.

"Thanks to everyone who has helped so much, you can’t do it yourself, not just our school but all the schools involved."

Bromma’s victory means that they will host the contest at the end of next academic year, with teams from around Sweden making their way to the school in the hope of lifting the trophy.

Internationella Engelska Skolan schools taking part this year included those in Hässelby, Hässleholm, Nacka, Bromma, Täby, Uppsala, Skärholmen, Borås, Eskilstuna, Johanneberg, Lund, Sundsvall, Gävle, Kista and Huddinge.

Från rektorn

May Newsletter

April showers bring May flowers. The saying is a cliché for a reason! We have had our fair share of light spring rain showers and are really seeing the positive effects they bring with them once you add in the beautiful bouts of sunshine that always follow. The rainbow of colorful flowers that are in full bloom can be seen along the roadside, in the meadows and parks, and in our own gardens. Spring is here to stay! It won’t be long before the weather will begin to show hints of the summer months to come and we are all starting to feel the effects of pre-summer jitters!


The National Testing season has a few more weeks to go as well as the final grading period, but we also have a long Ascension weekend coming up in addition to Sweden’s National Day, so our teachers are pulling out all their hat tricks to keep our amazing students on task and inspired to learn. We are all supporting each other and working together to ensure that each IESB student feels equipped and encouraged to make the most out of their final weeks of the school term.


We have many fun events planned in the weeks ahead to which both students and staff members are looking forward. We are in a super fun planning mood for the upcoming Sports Days during week 20 and the school choir’s evening music concert on Tuesday the 24th at 6:30pm. We always look forward to days like these with eager anticipation, as it is during these special events that each student has the opportunity to display their personal giftings and really shine. Each student’s individuality is what makes IESB unique, so we try to give them many opportunities to explore their passion.


Grades are soon to be set, so students will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, reflect on all of their accomplishments both big and small over the past school term, and enjoy all the special days we have planned for them. We still have a few weeks left to go before we leave for the summer, so we plan on making the most of that time to be sure that everyone has the most fulfilling conclusion to their 2015-2016 school year at IESB.


IES Eurovision Final Winner

IES Eurovision Final Winner

Ida Arnö from 9F won the IES Eurovision final in Gävle with the French song Je Voule.

It is the first time a student from IES Bromma wins and Ida dominated the final totally. 

Fantastic, Ida and congratulations!

Spring Sports Days 2016

IESB Sports Day 2016

On May 18th, 19th & 20th, IESB held its annual Spring Sports Days at Ängby IP. Students participated in five events: Long Jump, High Jump, Ball Throw, Shot Put and 100m Sprint. The weather was beautiful all three days, the students behaved very well, and performed at a high level in all events. A total of seven year level records were broken and three Year 9 students broke school records the following events:

100M Sprint
Carl Enhörning 9D - 11.19 sec 

Shot Put
Louise Talmet 9F - 11.7 m 

Ball Throw
Alice Lindvall 9D - 46.3 m 

IESB Sports Day 2016

IESB Sports Day 2016

IESB Sports Day 2016

IESB Sports Day 2016