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IESB Exchange Program 2011-2012

IESB Exchange Program 2011-2012

IESB is thrilled to introduce our new exchange program with Canada.

Four students will be selected from 2011-2012's Grade 8 (currently Grade 7) for an exchange with four students in Oakville, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. The exchange period is for three weeks with our students going to Canada October 1-22 2011 and the Canadian students coming to IESB February 4-25 2012.

The four students selected (2 girls and 2 boys) will do a direct exchange with four students in Oakville. This means that students from each country will be matched, and stay with each other's families. The exchange students will go to school for the duration of their stay, attending lessons and extra curricular activities with their exchange "buddy". The time in Canada will also include a hiking-canoeing field trip for 3 days in a Canadian National Park.

Students interested in the Exchange Program will need to fill out an Exchange Application, and if selected will qualify for the "IESB Exchange Scholarship" which will cover the cost of travel. As the exchange is between two families, normal living costs are covered by the receiving family.

The student on exchange needs only to have pocket money with them for the duration of their stay. Applications are to be handed in or emailed to your mentor during mentor time Monday May 23rd.

The schools we are cooperating with are as follows: Two Grade 7 girls will be selected to attend St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School in 2011-2012.

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

Two Grade 7 boys will be selected to attend MacLachlan College in 2011-2112.

MacLachlan College

MacLachlan College


Från rektorn

Daffodils and blossoming students

Daffodils and blossoming students

The weeks are going by, the sun is shining and the first daffodils were recently presented to me by the Grade 4s. Mr Dethlefs and his students planted them along A building 3 years ago and ever since I have been honored with a bunch of the season's first flowers.

We are very proud of the Grade 4s and their chess playing skills. They recently competed in "Schackfyran", the world's biggest chess competition and were among the 2594 competitors within the region. We proudly placed 6th and 8th out of the 112 teams that competed, an incredible achievement!

The Grade 8s have done well again in the "Teknikåttan" competition with 8F going on to take third place in the regional final. They brought home 2500kr to add to their class fund and created a fantastic musical instrument. (You can listen to their combined musical and technical talents on the school website!)

We were recently entertained by the Eurovision Song Competition with contestants from Grades 7-9 singing in either Spanish or French. Both the language levels and the performance abilities of our students are outstanding and the winners will go on to compete in the IES Eurovision finals week 17. (Photos can be seen on the Modern Language page.)

Development talks were also held this month, thank you to all parents for taking the time to come in to these meetings, and for filling out our parent survey. Meanwhile the students did a day's work for Operation Dagsverket and all students who contributed their 100-200kr are really helping to make a difference to our sister school in South Africa. One of our students, Simon Brobäck, recently visited the school and will share his experiences with us during assembly time in week 17.

Student involvement is extremely valuable and the Student Council is an important body within the school, working to improve the students' right to influence. This spring 9 members of the student council attended leadership training, gaining knowledge in meeting skills, project management and supporting others. They were then able to transfer their knowledge and Study Skills Seminars for all classes from Grades 6-9. Well done to the Student Council for these well prepared seminars!

Student Council Art Competition Winner - Alice Carlsson

The Student Council also ran an art competition aimed at reflecting the school's core values. The winner was Alice Carlsson of 9A, whose beautiful work can now be seen around the school. Not only are we preparing our future leaders here at IESB but they are also able to contribute significantly to their peers' school experience. We have some important events coming up.

On April 28th we will have a Careers Day for our students. We invite parents to come along and talk about their professions so as to inspire and encourage our students. Please contact the Careers Counsellor if you are interested in volunteering your time.

We also have our annual Spring Fair coming up on May 14th, arranged entirely by the Parents Association. It includes displays of student work as well as performances and activities for all the family. Each year the P.T.A. run an auction of donated goods. The proceeds from this auction are an important contribution to the students and help fund the Student Council leadership training as well as a range of other extra curricular activities such as Linguae Vitae. If you have anything to dontate please contact the P.T.A. Make sure you book in this date for a great day here at school.

May is now just around the corner, it is an exciting and busy month, both socially and academically. I hope you are all refreshed after the spring break and ready for full speed ahead!