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En trygg och ordnad skolmiljö i vilken lärare kan undervisa och elever lära.

Från rektorn

Från rektorn

School Blog

School Open 10th of November

Dear Student, Parents and Guardian,

The school will be open and operate as normal tomorrow, should there be any change, please check SchoolSoft for updates. 

If you still have trouble getting to school tomorrow, as we know there are some bus lines not operating as normal, please remember to add absence in SchoolSoft!

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Segerstedt

Severe weather

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Due to the severe weather today we have decided to close school early today so that our students have a better possibility of getting home safely and for appropriate safety measures at school.

Mentors will be making calls home and any guardians we cannot contact the students will stay at school until further notice.

We hope that the school will be able to open and operate as normal tomorrow, please check SchoolSoft for any updates. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and we hope that you too get home safe.


Vi anställer! Läs mer...
Vi anställer! Läs mer...
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