Student Work

IESB Art and Craft Exhibition

On Wednesday 22nd May, The IESB Art and Craft Exhibition is open for viewing in the school aula. The exhibition shows work from students from Year 4 to 9. 

The IESB Art and Craft Departments are looking forward to seeing you! 

Date: 22nd May

Time 17:00-20:00


IESB Nobel Prize

Winners of the IESB Nobel Prize - Iris Berglund and Fabian Mannervik

On Monday, 17 December, grade nine students and teachers gathered in the Aula to celebrate this year's IESB Nobel Prize winners in Swedish and English. This awards ceremony, a longstanding tradition at our school, followed several weeks of hard work where grade nine students were asked to write an original short story for both their Swedish and English classes. Out of 187 students, six nominees and one winner were chosen for each subject by a committee of teachers.


Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the PTA, grade nines enjoyed a slice of cake and a glass of julmust while their subject teachers read the winner's stories aloud. In addition, two representatives from the PTA presented each winner with a cash prize.


This year we are proud to announce the following winners:  

  • Fabian Mannervik, Swedish
  • Iris Berglund, English

Congratulations to the winners, and good work to all the grade nine students!!


/Mr. Gallaher and Ms. Måhrbeck