Life at IESB

Our Classrooms

Clean, modern and well equipped.


Our Practical Classrooms

Fantastic learning opportunities, not only resulting in grades but valuable skills for life. It is in our practical classes that we see our students flourish and show off their talents.

The School Auditorium

A hub of activity throughout the year, the Auditorium can seat up to 200 students. The Auditorium is home to school assemblies, information meetings, concerts, ceremonies and much more.


The Library

The School Library is situated on the third floor in room B304, and is staffed by a qualified librarian, Ms Ferguson, for most of the school day. In the library you can find fiction, fact books, magazines, study places and computers. For more information, please visit our Library page.

The Sports Hall

Opened September 1st 2010 the Sports Hall has proved to be a fantastic resource for the school.

Sports Hall

The Café & Klubben

Our student café is open daily. There are guitars, a billiards table and a variety of games which can be borrowed and sports equipment can also be borrowed for outside use during breaks.

The café is used for Klubben in the afternoons.

Student Lockers

All students are allocated a locker and key.

IES Bromma - Student Lockers