What you can expect from IES

An IES education

School is one of the most important parts of every student’s life. It plays a vital role in your child realising their hopes and dreams, and in shaping who they become as a person.

We believe that by setting the same academic expectations for all children and having clear rules and routines, we make sure they can all succeed, irrespective of background. Our classrooms build on the strengths of traditional educational values. 

Passionate teachers deliver well-planned lessons designed for the whole class. At the same time we recognise that each child is unique, so our teachers take account of their strengths, weaknesses, and distinct personality to differentiate when needed.

We’ll see when your son or daughter needs extra help or when they need an extra challenge, and we’ll make sure that they get both types of support.

As parents we’ll ask you to be actively involved in school life, working with us to help your child reach their full potential, in terms of both academic and personal growth.

Internationella Engelska Skolan has been teaching this way since 1993. We open more schools every year, so that more children will have the opportunity to benefit from an IES education.