I already have a child in the school, now I wonder how sibling priority works.

Sibling priority means that the second child is prioritized in the queue. In other words, if you have a child in school and a second child in the queue then they get moved to the top right away.

Sibling priority is only valid as long as the older child is attending IESB when the second child starts.

It is the responsibility of the parents to apply for sibling priority.

Can I log on to change my details?

Yes, you can.

When you made your application you should have received an email with the login information.

You can log on to change details such as your address, phone, BUT not start year and grade. If so, you need to contact the administration.

I am coming to visit IESB, where can I park my car?

Unfortunately parking for visitors is extremely limited at IESB and if you are coming to any event organised at school we recommend that you leave your car at home. Local parking inspectors do not hesitate to fine illegally parked cars.

IESB is easily accessible by bus, underground, bicycle or on foot.

What do I do if my child hurts themselves or has an accident in school or on their way to and from school?

All students who go to school within the Stockholm Municipality are insured through St Eriks or Europesiska.

In the unfortunate event that your son or daughter has an accident in school or on the way to or from school then contact St Erik's Insurance. More information is available and you can also download the accident registration form here:

St Erik's Insurance

What can we do if we said NO to a place and then change our minds?

If you are offered a place in school but choose not to accept it then that place is automatically offered to another student, and is no longer available.

You would then need to apply again to the queue and your queue placement would be determined by the second application date.

How many students are do you admit to the school every year?

We enrol 150 new students into grade 4 every year.

My neighbour's child was recently offered a place in school and we were not, even though we applied much earlier.

There are two possible explanations for this occurrence:

  1. They as a family have an older child in the school and so the younger child gets sibling priority and goes to the front of the queue, even if the child was only recently registered.

  2. Many years may have passed since the initial registration and it is not unusual for families to forget when they registered their child, or even that they did register their child in the queue.

Could you tell me what my daughter/son's queue number is and the likeliness of her/him getting a place?

Queue numbers change daily and it can be extremely difficult to determine whether or not a child is likely to be offered a place.

The queue is affected by parents adding information giving sibling priority and by people moving or choosing another school.

IES is a dynamic organisation that is going through rapid expansion - a new school opening up in the area may mean opportunities for students who did not expect to be offered a place.

Offers are sent out to students by November/December of the year before a student would start at IESB.

How do I apply to your school?

Applications are through our online application forms.

We no longer have paper applications available and registering online means you will have confirmation sent to the email address you specify in the application.

Can I apply to more than one school?

Each IES school is independant and has an independant queue. If you are interested in a place in more than one school we recommend you place your child/children in the queue for each school.

In the unlikely event that I wish to make a complaint, how can I do this?

As we work together to create the right school environment in the best interests of our students, it is essential that there is a close and trusting relationship between each school and its parents.  Where there is a complaint which the mentor teacher or Head of Year is unable to resolve, the next step is for the Assistant Principal or Principal to look into the matter.  If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached within the school, complaints should then be addressed to the “Huvudman” - the organization behind the school - which is Internationella Engelska Skolan I Sverige AB. These complaints can be referred to our Academic Manager, Mr. Damian Brunker via e-mail damian.brunker@engelska.se or by letter to: Mr. Damian Brunker, Internationella Engelska Skolan, Huvudkontoret, Nytorpsvägen 5A, 183 71 Täby.  Any complaints will be investigated in a factual and objective manner after hearing from the school, parents and students involved.