Welcome back to School!

Welcome back to School!



Junior school year 4-6 will continue with in-person classes at the school on Monday, January 11th.
Senior school year 7-9 will be taking part in digital classes from home on Monday, January 11-24. With exceptions for practical classes. These will be condicted in school. In addition, lunch will be available for students who may need it.
School lunch sign up form will be shared on Schoolsoft on Monday.


The first lesson on Monday for Year 7-9 will be digital at 10 am.


Year 7 and 8
A remote education schedule for the practical subjects held in school will be posted on Schoolsoft on Monday the 11th.
(All lessons will be digital Monday)

Year 9 Schedule for practical lessons in School:

9A - Monday and Tuesday 12:20-15:00

9B - Tuesday and Wednesday 12:20-15:00

9C - Wednesday and Thursday 12:20-15:00

9D - Thursday and Friday 12:20-15:00

9E - Monday and Friday 12:20-15:00


We hope you had an amazing holiday and are well rested for the next semester.

We look forward to seeing you all whether in person or online!

If you have any questions contact your mentors.