First Teacher Project : IESB Wellness

First Teacher Project : IESB Wellness

The Wellness Project is a school wide initiative created so that the students of IESB can learn how to manage and establish good and healthy habits for their own well being.

The coming week we will focus on Relationships and Respect. We believe that healthy relationships can make us happier and add to our feelings of self-worth.

The aim of this project is to facilitate a school-wide wellness program to target students. Students today are feeling increasingly stressed and unwell. Students need education about healthy habits, such as exercise, sleep, screen time, mindfulness and hydration. Students need tools and strategies to improve their well-being and manage stress.


Our project this year consists of 6 themes: 

1. Exercise

2. Relationships and Respect

3. Sleep

4. Screen Time and Self-Esteem

5. Mindfulness

6. Hydration