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From the Principal

A note from the Principal

Dear parents, guardians, and students,

The National Test season has a few more weeks to go, as well as the final grading period, but we have a long Ascension weekend coming up in addition to Sweden’s National Day, so our teachers are using all of their creativity to keep students on task and inspired to learn. We are all supporting each other and working together to ensure that each IESB student feels equipped and encouraged to make the most of their final weeks of the school term. In short, it is still business as usual here at IESB and our schedule is packed with national tests, term projects, fundraising, as well as all the fun events big and small to celebrate the end of the school year. Below I will detail a few of these that are especially noteworthy.

Now that we have returned from the short Walpurgis break it is full speed ahead. With our big Art show 21-23/5, spring Sports Day 22-24/5, and annual Fashion show 27/5, as well as IES Track and Field day and Band concert on 29/5 before the Ascension Day weekend, graduation will be upon us before we know it. More information regarding the schedule for graduation and associated end of term activities will be shared as we near the end of term.

Among the events we have in front of us, one of the most important is a social cause to which we have contributed for several years. This cause is SOS Barnbyar, and every year our students participate by doing different acts of service in exchange for donations to this very worthwhile charity benefiting an underprivileged children’s village in Sarajevo. The fundraiser takes place between 15/4 and 28/5, and for more information you can read this letter issued by our school. For the direct link to our fundraising site, click this link

Which leads me to our new value topic we will focus on for the remainder of the school year: Equality. In simple terms, equality is about a level playing field where everyone has the same access to the same opportunities. We’ve all heard the saying “If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything”. But that’s simply not true in every case. Speaking generally, poor people aren’t poor because they want to be. And not all wealthy people got what they have through hard work. Sometimes, an idea or attitude is so dominant in a society, it’s practically unconscious. When enough people see something as “just the way it is,” a number of societal systems are impacted. Think of it as a vicious cycle: widespread attitudes about something lead to inequitable systems which, in turn, serve to reinforce the attitudes that created them.

Our students will be learning valuable tools in the coming weeks to challenge these preconceived notions, and hopefully become catalysts for change in their own growing spheres of influence.

Marcus Segerstedt

Dates for the academic school year / Läsårsdata 2019/2020

Start of term - 19th of August
End of term - 19th of December

Start of term - 8th of January
End of term - 9th of June

Autumn Break - week 44 - 28th October - 1st November
Christmas break - 20th December - 7th January 
Sport Break - week 9 - 24th February - 28th February
Easter Break - week 15 - 6th April - 13th April
May 1st 
Ascension day (Kristi Himmelfärd) - 21st - 22nd May

Important dates:
Start up talks - 12th & 13th September - No lessons or JR club on this date
In service day (studiedag) - 3rd October - No lessons or JR club on this date
School photo w 36 & 37 - Exact date notified by mentor
Development talks - 22nd & 23rd January- No lessons or JR club on this date


School start Monday 19th August

Grade 4 - Assembly 8:30 in the Auditorium (Aula) 

Grade 7 Assembly 9:00 in the Auditorium

There will be a short assembly and an introduction from your Year 7 teachers. Mentors will lead their students to class.

Grade 5 & 6,Grade 8 & 9 Students assemble at 9:00 in their mentor classrooms for roll call and some general information. 

Class lists are posted on the main entrance. 

Welcome to year 2019-2020!