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Dates for the academic school year / Läsårsdata

Start of term - 20th of August
End of term - 20th of December

Start of term - 9th of January
End of term - 11th of June

Autumn Break - week 44 - 29th October - 2nd November
Christmas Break - 21st December - 8th January 
Sport Break - week 9 - 25th February - 1st March
Easter Break - week 16 - 15th April - 22nd April
May 1st
Ascension day - 30th - 31st May
Swedish national day - 6th - 7th June

Important dates:
Choice day - 18th - 19th December 
Development talks - 23rd - 24th January - No lessons - No Junior club
Choice day / Winter sports day - 8th February
More dates tbc

From the Principal

September Newsletter

I wish you all a warm welcome back to a new school term! Although summer lingers, a season of new beginnings has begun here at IESB and I am confident that there are many great memories waiting to be made.

We are now in the third full week of school, and everything on campus is in full swing. In the first week of school, our students participated in team-building activities carefully designed by their new mentors to help the year groups bond in preparation for the coming year. We also held our 4th annual Brommaloppet, 6 kilometers run by students and staff in Judarskogen. It’s always a hit and this year didn’t disappoint.

Looking forward to the fall, our schedule is, of course, filled with homework, classwork, and tests, but it is also packed with all sorts of events aimed to inspire, motivate, and recharge our students so they get the most out of their time with us. A few things to keep in mind when you plan out the month are Startup Talks September 13th-14th and the annual Autumn Fair on September 22nd. More information will be sent out via Schoolsoft and class mentors. You are also still able to order school clothing from Skolgarderoben until September 17th. 

While this is the beginning for some students and the final year for others, it is an altogether great year to be a part of IESB, and I am excited to see what the school year has in store for us. 

IES Cross Country Running

On Tuesday September 25th, IESB competed in the first ever IES Cross Country Running event. Our school sent 32 students to Hellasgården to compete against six other IES schools. There were six different races featuring girls and boys from Year 4 all the way up to Year 9.

IESB had an incredible performance, coming first place in three of the six races as well as having ten students place in the top three of their race. Thanks to the efforts of all 32 students, IESB finished the event as the overall champion!!

Just as impressive as the race results was the level of sportsmanship and spirit that our students showed. Huge congratulations to all the students that participated and helped bring the trophy home to Bromma!

Democracy in the works at IESB

Students overseeing the voting stations proudly report on the high turn out of voters. Volunteer are busy after the end of classes this Friday afternoon tabulating the ballots.

Look for the Results after the National elections are final.


On Wednesday August 22nd, IESB held it's annual Brommaloppet. Many students showed incredible effort and cheered on their classmates while enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. A big thanks to all the teachers that helped to make this day a success.

Great start to the school year!!